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      Rongchang Yipin Sauce

      Rongchang Yipin

      Horseradish is becoming more familiar and used by everyone. In addition to being an essential seasoning for various raw seafood and cold dishes, its medicinal value is also marveled at by world medicine.


       * Research has found that horseradish is rich in vitamins, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. The root contains oil, which has the functions of sterilization, stomach strengthening, and digestion.

       * There are many nutrients needed by the human body, and can inhibit the proliferation of gastric cancer cells. It has been used as a health vegetable abroad and is expensive.

       * Growing in places with large temperature differences between day and night, Liaoning Province, China is the most suitable place for horseradish growth. In particular, horseradish in Wafangdian of Liaoning is selling well all over the world.

       * None contain any preservatives, chemical spicy agents and other ingredients. Horseradish sauce is 100% pure horseradish as raw material, and it is refined by 33 processes with international leading equipment. It retains the most original and authentic spicy taste of horseradish.

       * This product has exclusive formula and exquisite taste, which is the first-class pride among similar condiments on the market.

       * This product can be blended and eaten with soy sauce, and can be used with a variety of delicacies, such as seafood salads, cold dishes, sashimi, sushi, cold noodles, Japanese and Korean cuisine, various dung pots, etc.

      Packing: Mini bag

      Net content: 2.5G + 5G

      Storage method: Preservation at room temperature

      Shlef life: 12 Months

      Add of National Sales Center : Yongfeng Village, Fuzhou Town, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province


      Dalian Rongchang Food Co., Ltd.     Tel:0411-39057106 | 0411-85102378 | 0411-85102688     Fax:0411-85102248
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